Blackjack Side Betting

29 03 2011

The idea of Side Bet

Every blackjack player knows that he frequently has an option of side bet during the game. The last means that a player is able to back and lay other blackjack players as well as choose a particular hand or several of them which to his opinion can get blackjack. Moreover, it is also possible to put money on the blackjack dealer.

Side Bet

The most typical player's side bet at blackjack is backing some of other players to win. You just have to put down several times their primary stakes and follow the appeared progression until the showdown. Well, it seems a great profitable idea that works in certain condition when you stand behind the accomplished experienced gambler.

Online Side Betting

Taking into consideration different online casinos and gambling sites a blackjack player will definitely find much more variations of side bets there. Lots of online casinos offer their players to bet the hand closest to Blackjack or, for instance, progressive jackpot for catching 777 (mostly in spades). Apart from that, a player is free to bet on any number shown among dealt cards whether they are suited or paired.

Actually it may be really profitable for gamblers to consider side betting of particular casino while choosing an appropriate gaming site. The perfect side betting option frequently includes bet on certain hand winning, backing a dealer, bet on the uniqueness of dealt cards and bet on bad hands.

Royal Match

This one is a very interesting type of the side bets that was really popular in Chicago. The Royal Match is based on two first cards that were dealt to blackjack player. In case those cards are suited, for example, 5 of hearts and a queen a player gets 5 to 2. In case of a 'royal match' - king and queen - the payout is 25 to 1. A number of the used decks regulate an advantage of the casino in royal match bet. The more decks - the better odds for a gambler.

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