Lady Gaga can play blackjack now!

19 01 2011

Perhaps there is no such person in the world who doesn`t know a shocking singer Lady Gaga who is also known for her Poker Face. And now she can also play such popular casino game as blackjack.

Recently she went with her boyfriend, Luc Carl, to Springfield, Nebraska, where they visited Luc`s parents. They didn`t stay at some best hotel suite but decided to stay in Luc`s bedroom in which he lived in his childhood.

The vacation was not so busy for couple and enabled Lady Gaga to show all her domestic skills. In such a way she managed to show that she can be another person, not the one that is splattered across tabloids, televisions and the internet.

Later on both Lady Gaga and Luc Carl decided to indulge themselves with going to local casino with a view to play blackjack game. There Luc Carl`s father taught her how to play blackjack game and gave her some blackjack tips. There is no exact information whether Lady Gaga is a professional blackjack player or just beginner but it is certainly known that she previously played blackjack at one casino in Vienna, Austria and another casino in Atlantic City. The main thing is that now so vivid personality as Lady Gaga is also involved in gambling industry, especially blackjack gaming.

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