New Jersey Man was injured during Blackjack Game

29 03 2011

New Jersey man was seriously injured after the great fight with another blackjack player on Thursday, December 30. The unnamed victim of bad blackjack etiquette was a 48-year-old resident of Sewell, New Jersey who was in really dangerous state of health. His opponent in the fight was Edwin Mitchell, the resident of Wilmington, Delaware.

The details of the fight are still unknown but the quarrel was removed from the blackjack card game table, and continued outside the hall of casino. Mitchell punched the unnamed New Jersey man in the face and then punched four additional hits before the man fall down and stuck his head. All the participants of the fight were was transported to the local hospital. The aggrieved person was really in grave condition. The State Police of Delaware has arrested Edwin Mitchell and currently hold him for assault.

Unfortunately, there is not solitary instance of such behavior. The police had the same incident last year at the Delaware Park Casino. One more man from New Jersey busted during the game at the blackjack table he brought twenty six charges upon himself. Clifton Shaw was caught at cheating. He faced 19 misdemeanors and seven felony charges. In addition to pinching and capping the blackjack wagers, he possessed $140 in counterfeit twenties and 2 fake driver's licenses.

So, we can see the great number of such incidents is made inconsiderately and illogically. Thus, all players are highly recommended to have good manner behavior at casinos.

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