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Blackjack Etiquette

18 Nov 2010
The range of unwritten rules Blackjack is a noble ancient card game which demands a kind of certain etiquette during performing. There are some do's and don'ts for gamblers while playing the game...

Blackjack Hall of Fame

16 Nov 2010
What is it? There is not a big secret that Blackjack Hall of Fame was created with a purpose to honour the most prominent blackjack personalities and the most professional blackjack players. Thus,...

Playing Blackjak keep 105 year old woman young

29 03 2011
Many people prefer to pay blackjack game and it is not a secret. This game means many things to different people. Annie Asaro 105 year old woman revealed the secret of her long life. Annie Asaro is...

New Jersey Man was injured during Blackjack Game

29 03 2011
New Jersey man was seriously injured after the great fight with another blackjack player on Thursday, December 30. The unnamed victim of bad blackjack etiquette was a 48-year-old resident of Sewell...

South Africa determines the Best Dealer

29 03 2011
A young blackjack dealer from the South Africa was named the best Africa's dealer. Her name is Nothile Milta she was chosen as the best one on the Tsogo Sun Gaming Competition. This national compe...

Learning how to play Roulette online is a piece of cake with online free Roulette games!

11 05 2018
Play roulette online for free. Real money Roulette players may say that it is useless to play free online Roulette, but we can prove them wrong. It is natural for the real money players to understand why we have to play free roulette. However, we would like to suggest you to try playing online Roulette for free.

Larry Evans, Blackjack Card Counter, Passed Away

19 01 2011
Larry Evans was a well-known blackjack and chess player. On 15 November 2010, he died at hospital in Reno, Nevada, which became a big surprise to the blackjack and chess community. What was the rea...

Blackjack Winner Turned into Loser

19 01 2011
A woman from Kelowna, Canada, has recently won pretty high amount of money when she played blackjack in one land-based casino. But the matter is that in a very short period of time all her winnings...

Blackjack Side Betting

29 03 2011
The idea of Side Bet Every blackjack player knows that he frequently has an option of side bet during the game. The last means that a player is able to back and lay other blackjack players as well...

Apple Blackjack Application

19 01 2011
Candywriter LLC is a software company which makes the software applications for both the iPad and the iPod. This company created the blackjack application in the 2009 and it was called Blackjack Wo...
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