Red Seven Count

Red Seven Count System

With the help of card counting strategies we aim to find out when there are a lot of high or low cards left in the deck. The counters are concerned with this information only, they do not care how many of any one particular card value is left.

Initial Running Count

Red Seven strategy helps to keep the running count to show when the odds are beneficial for the player. Red Seven count is an unbalanced system, if you start your running count with zero and count through the deck, you will not end up your count with zero. Instead, you will end it up at +2. The only thing you need to remember is your running count, the running count is just a number and you add or subtract the value of the cards you see from the running count. The main point of the Red Seven Count is to eliminate the need to convert the running count into a true count when the player has to make betting decisions.

In this unbalanced system "initial running count" or IRC is used. That way, when you count through the deck starting at the IRC you will get zero. And zero is the pivot point that shows that indicates that a positive count (above zero) is to a player's advantage.

#Decks IRC
1 -2
2 -4
6 -12
8 -16

For this particular system, the IRC is -2 multiplied by the number of decks. So, it is easy to define IRC with the help of the table above.

Red Seven Count System

Card Value

Face Value
2 +1
3 +1
4 +1
5 +1
6 +1
red 7 +1
black 7 0
8 0
9 0
10 -1
Jack -1
Queen -1
King -1
Ace -1

Each card you see in the table above is translated into a value and then added to the running count.

The Red 7 Counting system's specific feature is the values given to cards with a value of 7 - you need to assign red 7's a value of +1 but give black 7's a score of 0.

Pair Value
King, 8 -1
8, 4 +1
5, 2 +2
Ace, Jack -2

How It Works

Let's say you count into an eight deck shoe. The Initial Running Count is 8 x -2. That means the IRC is -16. You are dealt cards and you translate each card into its value and add that amount to the running total. When you see that you have a high running count number, there are more high-value cards in the shoe, this means that odds are in your favor and you have a statistical advantage of 1% over the dealer, and it's time to raise your stakes accordingly.

When you master this easy card counting system, you can move on to more complicated systems like Hi-OPT 1 Count, the principles of which are explained in the next seccion.

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